About 3D2D

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3D2D's core activity is organising events that provide makers, designers, craftworkers and artists with venues where they can exhibit their work and sell directly to the public. The origins of the organisation go all the way back to the 1980s. The first fairs were held in Edinburgh in the Assembly Rooms. Fairs in Glasgow began soon after, with other cities and venues added later. Since then 3D2D has established a strong, reliable reputation for quality and diversity with both the public and potential exhibitors.

All the events that 3D/2D organises, or participates in, are based in Scotland. 3D/2D's exhibitors are drawn from all over Britain, with the majority living and working in Scotland.
This year's programme will consist of 5 events, with between 60 and 120 exhibitors present . Careful selection of exhibitors ensures that standards are kept high and that there is a broad mix of work on display. Go to Applying for further details.
With several hundred active exhibitors, no two 3D/2D events are the same. New faces and new work can be found at every event.

3D/2D's goal is to promote home-grown talent; imported craft can be bought in every town and city these days and, while it is often very good (and very reasonably priced), there's a richness and diversity in the work being produced in Scotland, and in Britain as a whole, that is unbeatable.

As an organisation, we avoid hype and exaggerated claims. What you've read so far is, we believe, a fair assessment of what we stand for. The only way to find out if we are true to our word is by visiting one of our events. We think you'll be delighted by what you find.