The Application Procedure in Outline

All makers, designers and artists wishing to sell their work at 3D2D events must first submit their work for approval. Our selection panel meets regularly and you can expect a decision within a couple of weeks, although at certain times of year the process can be delayed. A favourable decision means that your name is added to the 3D2D mailing list. An information pack containing details about all the Fairs in the current year will be sent to you. You then decide which fairs you wish to apply for and fill in the relevant application forms. In due course, you will receive written confirmation that you have been allocated space. Do bear in mind, however, that due to the popularity of our events 3D2D cannot always allocate you the events you have applied for. There are procedures for letting you know this and to offer alternatives. The selection panel places strong emphasis on original design and the skillful and novel use of materials. The assessment of your work is also based on its suitability for 3D2D's Fairs. Occasionally work is turned down because previous experiences have shown that a particular kind of product or area of design or craft activity does not sell.

Full time makers, artists and designers are given a certain degree of priority, but what is really being sought is commitment and flair. 3D/2D's events are not for people to sell things they have made in their spare time from kits, pattern books or magazines. The work you intend to display and sell must be your own work. However, there is no reason why you can't have someone else, say, a family member, an employee or a friend looking after your stand at an event - so you don't have to be there in person - but what you cannot do is sell bought-in work or imports.

We require:-
a) At least 6 images of your work, or enough images to provide a representative view of the range of work you produce. You can send us the images via email, social media or other means. These images can also be in the form of photographs or brochures. You can also send us links to websites. Samples are acceptable but only as a supplement to the images.
b) A covering letter outlining your aims, prices, experience, qualifications etc.
c) If you want to send samples, please ensure your envelope is sufficiently large and that the return postage is adequate.
d) If you are sending an email, please don't forget to include your address - a telephone number can also be quite useful especially when we have a query about your work or we want to answer a question you have raised.

If you are interested in a particular event, please note this in your letter. Please do not visit the office in person looking for a decision. The office is always extremely busy and, much as we might like to, we simply do not have either the time or the facilities to receive you. The decision of the selection panel is final, although if you feel your work may have been misunderstood you should contact 3D/2D. We do not accept submissions from producers of giftware or work that involves little more than the assembly of bought-in components (i.e. threading together bought-in components to make jewellery).

3D2D events are only open to makers, designers and artists who've been accepted onto our mailing list. There is no membership charge.
A fee is payable for each fair booked, the amount depending on the size of space booked. Fees are always payable in advance. We encourage exhibitors to bring their own display systems, but we recognise this is not always practicable. For this reason tables and chairs are available at every event free of charge. Access to power for lighting is also free.
Frontage is bookable in 1ft increments, from 4 feet upwards. The average is between 5ft and 10ft. The depth of a space is either 6½ft, 5ft or 2½ft. The summer marquee events offer the opportunity for craftwork demonstrations at a reduced charge for the extra space involved.

You may apply for as many or as few events as you wish over the course of the year.

Contact Us

Please send your application to or to:
Unit 3, Albion Business Centre,
78 Albion Road,
Edinburgh EH7 5QZ

Phone: 0131 661 6600